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Help me out?


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Hello!!! Hope you guys can help me out making a decision:


This is my situation:


I am 20 years old from Costa Rica (Central America), i havent finished High School yet. I have the oportunity to go to the US to finish up High School, (Doing the GED) and then start my HELI training. What would you guys recomend me to do?? I am looking to go to Florida, so if you guys know the best School it`ll be great!!


Please help me.




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I am envious of you. You live in Costa Rica!... my favorite vacation spot! Anyways, to your question. I started flying in my senior year of high school. It has been quiet a few years of training and I have finally obtained all my ratings (and a college degree :D) . Two major things that you want to take into consideration are the costs of training and the job market. Learning to fly is not cheap, let alone learning to fly a helicopter. If you want to fly professionally, you will need to obtain a private, commercial, instrument, and likely, instructor ratings. At an absolute minimum, expect to pay $45,000... but more realistically, $50-$60k. After obtaining these ratings, you will not be employable outside the flight training industry until you reach about 1000 hours of flight time. Keep in mind that instructor positions are low paying. You will be living in poverty! Also, being that you are from Costa Rica, if you expect to train here, expect to eventually work here. The United States is a totally different world in comparison to Costa Rica. The cost of living may come as a shock to you. As for Florida, there are many great training locations, and the weather is some of the best in the nation.


Please understand that I do not intend to discourage you, but in the beginning, it is a challenging path to take. However, as long as you have the financial resources and drive, you can succeed!




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You're welcome Marcelo! Unfortunately I have never flown in Costa Rica, but given the incredible landscape, I'd love the opportunity!

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