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CH-7 Kompress Charlie


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Anyone done any research into this kit? It looks to be a nice single seater that can be a cramped tandom in a pinch (or can carry some stuff along unlike the Helicycle).



From Italy this am;

"With reference to your kind request, we let you know that

we sell our helicopters only in kit form for homebuilders,

and the price for 1 basic kit of our CH-7 Kompress is

77.175,00 Euro; meanwhile it has been improved in its

performances and styling, therefore the price of the basic

kit of the new model, the Kompress Charlie, is 78.000,00

Euro, please take note that they will suffer a little increasing

during the year (the engine is not included in the kit and

on both our models is installed only the Rotax 914 UL 2

Turbo with following specification:

1 engine ROTAX 914 UL2 Reduction 2.4286:1 with friction;

1 alternator; 1 air filter; 1 instrument 965 347 + 965 335

(regulator + connector for regulator/rectifier); 1 set nuts

M8 - 6x842 634). Some technical details, valid for they both,

can be found on our web-site: www.ch-7helicopter.com, as

well as our maintenance program (under Documentation –

Manuals). "


More from their response;

"Above prices are taxes free: you will pay the VAT as well as

the customs duties in your country at the arrival of the goods;

our delivery terms are ex works Turin, so each customer must

provide to find a forwardind agent and pay for the freight cost,

moreover, we must add the price for the crating, that is 1.800,00

Euro and here below are indicated weight and dimensions:

gross weight 450kg-480kg

dimension: width 131cm x height 152cm x length 328cm


It is already a 49% built kit: the electric plant is only to connect;

the gearbox is completely mounted, as well as the tail rotor;

the cabin is supplied already painted (colour to choice) so, in this

way, it is a kit facilitated in the assembling; the remaining time

required depends on one's own ability and the time at one's

disposal (to have an idea, you can calculate between 200 and

400 hours, but it is only an indicative data). Together with the kit,

we supply the construction handbook on CD-Rom and our

technicians are always at disposal for any necessity.


The orders that we receive are dispatched according to the

receipt of payments; please take note that at this moment there

are already some deliveries planned for April-May 2009, therefore,

to fix a number of option (Nr. of kit) and a date of delivery, we

suggest to pay a first account of 7.750,00 Euro as soon as is

taken the decision for the purchase (this option is reimbursable

in case of order cancellation).


Moreover, it is important to consider that our helicopters fly in

many countries of the world in the Experimental class; you have

to verify with the local authorities which are the actual regulations

in your country for their registration.


We remain at your disposal for any further necessity you may

need and would be glad to submit you our offer according to

your requirements.


Thanking you in advance for your interest in our product, we

send you our kind regards.


Clotilde Quinterno






No swash plate, two place, Rotax liquid turbo, fast, can be a nice single with storage for XC or a cramped two place fly around home helicopter.



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Anyone done any research into this kit? It looks to be a nice single seater that can be a cramped tandom in a pinch (or can carry some stuff along unlike the Helicycle).


One of the guys that comes in for recurrent training is an Air France 777 Captain. Great guy he purchased one, and built it over the course of a year or so. He loves flying it. He speaks very highly of it, and the turbo chargers ability to maintain performance when he goes into the mountains. He has only good things to say about it.

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