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Flight Schools in or near Nashville?

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I know there's one, Noble Aviation, that's actually in Nashville, and I've heard there are two others or more in Clarksville an hour away. Are there really only two instructors at Noble? Anyone have experience with the school? And does anyone have info on the schools in Clarksville (one is Roane Aviation, I think?) or anywhere else nearby?


Thanks, y'all, I'd appreciate anything you can give me.

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Another one you can checkout is Helistar Aviation. I don't have any firsthand knowledge of them, but they operate out of John Tune. They have a -22, -44 and operate the channel 5 chopper.




Roane aviation is located in Rockwood, TN, not Clarksville. I think the flight school that had the chopper in Clarksville (Air Tenn) went out of business. I'm not 100% sure on this but their website has been down for a while and when I tried to contact them for some fixed wing training I never got an answer.


Roane Aviation link: Tennessee Flight Training

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Nobel aviation is now at 760 Franklin Rd,Lebanon, TN 37087 . I will let you know how they are i am going to start there in the next couple weeks . As far as the school in roane county .. Rodney barnet was the one that started it... I talked with him a bit and went to meet him there for an into flight but he was unable to do to being on at air evac that weekend.. Rodney seemed like a really great guy and really good guy to work with..

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Helistar Aviation in Nashville, has a full time CFII. Available 7 days a week. Our website is under review and should be up and running in the next couple of days. In the mean time anyone is welcome to call for more information. We would be happy to answer anyone's questions.




Don't start somewhere until you have researched all of your options, it is a very expensive undertaking to learn to fly helicopters. Make sure you are getting the best possible training for your money.

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