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Graveyard spiral vs graveyard spin

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assuming we're talking about airplanes..

Graveyard spiral would be a controlled decent steep nose down wings not level in which the pilot attempts to "pull up" only to further increase the rate of turn until impact.


Graveyard spin would be an uncontrolled "spin" where the wing is stalled and spiraling to the ground with the pilot unable to recover from the spin.

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Spot on comments...The only thing I might add: don't fly over graveyards and you won't have these problems ( :mellow: :mellow: :lol: ). Double that for VFR--> inadvertant IMC on 31 Oct.



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In a spiral you keep increasing airspeed and G's until you pull the wings off or hit the ground, the spin your in a stalled condition you can't get out of usually caused by an aft CG

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