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Flight training in Louisiana

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Hey guys.


I have a friend who lives out in Shreveport, Louisiana and he let me know a couple days ago he wanted to learn to fly helicopters. So, I thought I'd ask you all here for recommendations and suggestions for him.


Appreciate it!



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I know there's a smaller school up north... I forgot the name, but a while back they were selling 25 hours of R-22 time for 5 grand on ebay. That was strictly PIC time and I highly doubt they only run 200/hr for dual.


Down south there's Bristow Academy New Iberia, formerly Vortex Helicopters; and Johnston Flying Services in Houma. I've seen the products of both school (we have some JFS students here) and I think that your friend would be better off making the commute or move to New Iberia to get his training done.

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