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Hi Everyone,

I've been looking into learning how to fly for quite some time now. I'll be heading back to Canada to do my training and I've found a school that is offering an all turbine commercial course. I've been in contact with the school and it seems like a good place to go. Does anyone have any experience with them? And what are your thoughts of doing an all turbine course. Apart from the obvious cost disadvantage. I'd appreciate your thoughts.




Here is the link to their website: http://www.chinookhelicopters.com/

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I'd appreciate your thoughts.

You must have money to burn? :huh:


If by heading back to Canada you mean from the US you could save a lot of money training on piston helicopters in the US vs. piston helicopters in Canada, compare the hourly rates. You could save a LOT of money training on piston helicopters vs. turbine! ...and in most cases have a better chance at "starter" jobs.


Chinook Helicopters has an excellent reputation. Another school to consider if you are intent on all turbine training is Great Slave Helicopters who have been known to hire some of their grads.


Good luck!


edit: forgot to add - you'll meet a lot more folks with experience/knowledge of Chinook and helicopter flying in Canada over at http://www.verticalmag.com/forums/

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Just one thought here. I talked with an instructor awhile ago, he told me that one thing he did notice is that pilots who did all their training in turbine and/or robinson helicopters initially had a difficult time transitioning into other piston helicopters. Pilots that learned in other types of piston helicopters did not have these difficulties plus governor failures in the turbines were a non-event for them.

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