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VR training in Los Angeles

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So, I'm driving along the 210 freeway between the 15 and 215 and I see a 500 doing VR training with a chunk of concrete under it. Of course, I do what any helicopter pilot with a camera would do...I stop and take a shot !


Any idea who's ship this is ? Maybe Western Heli out of Ontario ?


Brushfire, you should know !



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That's them. Western is based at Rialto Municipal Airport (L67) in Rialto, CA, exactly where you describe having seen them. Either Pete Gillies or Bob Spencer are at the controls doing the VR training they're known for. Great guys and quality school.



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I leave for a few days to have some fun at the sand in Nevada near Fallon N.A.S. and I am called upon for duty!


Goldy, that does look alot like 105JL or "Juliet Lima" from Western. Its a 500D, and it looks like there at one of the practice area's adjacent to the field. Majority of the time it was Pete doing the VR training when I was attending Western. Can't wait to go back!



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