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Good training reading material

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As the title says. What are some good reading materials that are useful for training such as basics to advanced material.


The best and most thorough flight training book in my opinion is the Schwiezer published "Helicopter Pilot Manual" It was just recently revised and comes with an optional workbook as well. I have read and used all of the other common books including The Jeppesen and FAA publications, they do not compare to the HPM book. Buy it and buy the workbook as well to be sure that you are grasping the concepts in each chapter. Good luck!

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Check out the flight training section of http://www.helicoptersonly.com. They have several good books.


My personal favorite is Cyclic and Collective by Shawn Coyle. It is spilt into two 'books', one for the student and one for the professional. It strictly covers helicopter topics, so not XC planning or weather, ... But it is very well written and provides a more in depth explanation of the workings of the helicopter than is given in most books that are written for us pilots.


I also have a copy of the Schweizer book, which is a complete flight training manual that covers all of the topics in the PTS, from helicopter aerodynamics to maneuvers, weather, XC planning, etc. Also highly recommended.


Also, any of the FAA publications can be downloaded, in .pdf form, from the FAA's website.





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Having gone through airplane and helicopter courses, I have complied a list I like and recommend to my students. Many of the books are published by the FAA, so you will see many "key phrases" that transfer to written and practical tests. (Cheap, too) I personally do not care for the Jeppesen Helicopter Text. However, the airplane textbooks are great. They are pricey, and too much doesn't apply to helicopters.


-Rotorcraft Flying Handbook (FAA)

-Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (FAA)

-Aviation Weather (FAA)

-Aviation Weather Services (FAA) (GREAT for METARs, TAFs, FAs, etc)

-FAR/AIM (duh)

-Principles of Helicopter Flight (I like the aerodynamics discussions the best)

-The PIM/POH for YOUR helicopter (do NOT neglect this)

-Practical test Standards for YOUR license/rating


Also, keeping up with the industry is easy with magazines. Many of these have free electronic subscriptions:

-Rotor and Wing (rotorandwing.com)

-Vertical Magazine (verticalmag.com)

-Rotor (rotor.com)

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Fatal Traps for Helicopter Pilots


+1 for Fatal Traps. There was alot of blood shed for that book, and the somewhat dry aerodynamic theory of helicopter flight is put into very clear perspective when you start reading about the pilot (and sometimes pax) who lose their lives, their aircraft or their certification because they made one simple mistake.


I'm not sure it's a beginner's book, but definitely a book you'll understand more clearly after Private ground.

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