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Anyone have Sallie Mae loans?? Better check your credit score pronto...

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This did happen to me in January in dealing with Sallie Mae. They sent me to collections because they had an internal problem in which my "change in terms" was not activated. Hand was not talking to the foot and I got into deep s--- without ever knowing it. I had to have a conference call with myself and a manager and my co-signor in which my co-signor, who happens to be a very over educated man had to explain that he was aware of many Sallie Mae lawsuits and he was prepared to have his lawyer contact them if they did not drop the collections attempts and late charges.


There are many articles, mostly recent that talk about Sallie Mae and the company being sold to a private firm that is attempting to milk people and the many problems that are occurring because of this. Good advice, keep a very close eye on your career training loans....keep records of everything and document all phone calls.

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I used to work at a Student Loan services company that they bought out. I recently got a loan from them to cover some of my training and I'm completely amazed at their mismanagement of my loan. I've had to put in numerous 1-3 hour calls, talking to many employees until I finally get a supervisor (that's actually in the United States) to fix one of their many errors.


I know they are a big company but that's really no excuse. They are making a killing on these loans and they can't even give us decent customer service! I hope I can consolidate to a better company soon.


*rant over*

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