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Helicoper pilot edu

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Hi my name is Richard Elizee.

I am a Senior in High School, and I am about to graduate in less than 2 weeks.

Now is the time to get really serious about my future career, and the path to it.

Earlier during the year, I tried joining the US Army, but got DQ'ed for scoliosis.

My dream was to become a UH-60 black hawk pilot.

Now that I can't join the US Army, I am wondering what would be the right path as far as Civilian Helicopter Aviator.

Yes I can go to airlines, and make the big BUCKS, but I'd like to help people in need.

This is why I am considering choosing the path of a MEDEVAC helicopter pilot.

Now what is the best path to attain this goal?

Is there any schools that offer college degrees in Helicopter Aviation?

Should I go to school for fixed wing aviation, and than move on to rotary aircrafts?

Any suggestions, or inputs will be greatly appreciated.


Thank You

Richard Elizee

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Airlines? Big bucks? That there sounds like it could be a starting point at least. If you get ATP and work for the airlines for a few years, put away a bit of money, then you have a greater advantage to getting your helicopter rating than those of us who are just doing the helo thing. I mean you'll already have quite a few hours PIC and a rating. Then transition into helicopters and get that rating. No need to worry about instrument either. And best of all, it'll probably cost less in the long run.


Or not.


There're several medevac companies that have airplanes for long distance transfer for patients. You might look into that also. For EMS helo pilots, one needs a couple thousand hours. You might need less hours for the other-I'm guessing.


As for schools, most are private and pay-as-you-go. UVSC and UND are the only ones I'm aware that have degree programs. Many Community Colleges have flight programs in the airplane sector, few in helicopter. The best thing to do is research and be willing to be flexable, as well as keeping options open.


Have fun.



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