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Catalina ship down


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No details, but a ship apparently is down near Catalina Island. Rescue underway..hope that everyone makes it out ok...




(Update 10:30 PST) 5 on board, went down near Twin Harbors. All 5 extricated, 3 LAC Fire rescue helicopters on scene.


(update 11:42) possible 3 fatalities of the 5 on board


(update 12:11) Island Express confirms its their ship. Witness says it lost power over Isthmus Harbor, confirmed 3 fatal and either 2 or 3 survivors ( conflicting reports).


I sure hate to hear this so close to home. Weather in LA is not great today...low ceilings, fog, T-storms in some areas with a front moving thru...doesnt sound like that was a factor however.

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I found out a while ago. It is a sad day and my prayers to the pilot, passengers and thier families.



As many of you know I worked there and I know everyone who works there. I don't have any more details other than what is already posted on the web.


It was just on CNN TV.


There have been reports that the engine was on fire as it came down. Only time will tell but weather doesn't seem to have been a factor.

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latest with photo



Catalina Helicopter Crash Leaves 3 Dead, 3 Injured



TWO HARBORS, Calif. -- A helicopter crashed in rainy weather Saturday morning on Santa Catalina Island, killing three people and injuring three others, authorities said.


The helicopter went down shortly before 9:25 a.m. on the west end of the island and caused a small fire that was quickly doused, Los Angeles County supervising fire dispatcher Melanie Flores said. The cause of the crash was not immediately known.


The crash killed three people and injured three others, county sheriff's Deputy Denise Fuchs.


Helicopters airlifted three injured to mainland hospitals. Flores said their condition at time of transport was critical, and they would require treatment for broken bones among other injuries.


The chopper was a private tour aircraft from Island Express, Deputy Chuck Upton said. A woman who answered the company's telephone said the owner had gone to the scene of the crash. She declined to give her name and other details.


Federal Aviation Association spokesman Allen Kenitzer said the Eurocopter AS 350 helicopter departed Long Beach at 8:30 a.m. to pick up the passengers on Catalina Island, 26 miles to the west. The crash occurred less than an hour later on the opposite end of the island from the town of Avalon near the Banning House Lodge.


A woman who answered the phone at the lodge, which overlooks a popular boating spot, confirmed reports that the chopper's engine appeared to quit while it was flying over the cove, crashing about 200 to 300 yards inland in grass. She declined provide other details.


Island Express was founded in 1982 and provides charters and tours for visitors to the island and other Southern California destinations, according to the company's website. The company also does movie and television work and services off-shore oil platforms.


Island Express, which has its own maintenance mechanics, appears to have a good safety record. Its last reported incident was in December 1999 when a sightseeing helicopter made a hard landing on Catalina slightly injuring six tourists.


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Im just a lurker on these boards, but I work at signature flight support LGB where they are based and noticed when I stoped by my work yesterday their was only only 2/3 helis on our pads, the other is in overhaul. Im pretty sure I knew the pilot and am going to miss him and the ship. I feel pretty bad right now


It has to be a bad feeling for the mechanics since I know they love those birds. They check them throughly nightly but could have been something that you just couldn't do anything about.


My dad mentioned compressor stall if he had too much weight....could explain the fire coming of the the exhaust...

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Thank you everyone for giving ur love. John Terry was my brother, and I've known emerik for years. It was just a major tragety for everyone. I have a video on youtube of our trip with alot of story's from people that were there to help.. Thank you once again, from me and the family and all his friends.

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