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Hi everyone,

I just signed up here, but have visited a few times in the past. I have a few questions for anyone who might be able to answer them. Well, I am just about to finish my instrument rating in fixed wing and was planning on going thru commercial and probably CFII, but I have to drive an hour each way to the closest plane to rent and here recently the plane has been having LOTS of little problems which the management is not wanting to fix very quickly..so this is taking forever and since I am wanting to change careers, its not working out too well. Enough rambling I guess! I have found Roan Aviation in east Tn and they advertise dual ratings Helo & FW at the same time the way I understand it, and I was wondering if anyone had heard of them or dealt with them in any way. I really dont know if I should finish my FW ratings and then go for rotor wing or do both at the same time or just forget the FW and do helicopters!? I live in southwest Tn and if anyone knows of somewhere that might be a good place please let me know. Any advice is greatly appreciated! **I had to edit the post, I got the names mixed up, it was Roan Aviation***

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According to where you are in SW TN, you may have a few options. If you go back and look through some of my previous posts, there was a thread a month or two ago concerning some operations in TN. I think someone mentioned earlier that Valley is not operating right now, but could possibly be back up in the future. There is a place in Lebanon, Nashville, and Sevierville. I also know of one, and possibly two places to train in Chattanooga. Roane Aviation in Rockwood does duel ratings also. You mentioned you're in SW TN, there may be a couple operations out in Memphis, but I'm not familiar with that area. I don't have any advice to which one to do first, FW or RW. You can get by cheaper by going FW first and then RW because of the reduced hours (minimums) needed for RW add-ons, but you'll need more RW hours to get employed anywhere if you go the RW route. Maybe some others will chime in.

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