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[/b Hello, new member to the board. I have read a few of the other posts about UVSC, and still was wondering if I am making the right choice. Let me start by saying that I am going to be using my veterans benefits with the school. I just need to know the best way of going about this? And also I see that UVSC is geared more toward fixed wing, which I have no interest in now. Are there any special requirements that I need to know before starting the program for rotary wing? I am interested in obtaining a 2 year degree also, and is another reason why I chose the school.

I am currently deployed over seas (Not with the military) and will be home and able to start flight training in January. I am trying to knock out my classes while deployed. Is there anyone else that went this same route with the GI Bill and how did you do it? I know you can only use it for one or the other, i.e. classes or school. I was told when it's time to fly, that most students cancel their GI Bill for classes and pay out of pocket (You will have made enough money already from the GI Bill to pay for them) and then start the 60/40 reimbursment for the flight training.

Well sorry for the long winded topic, just would like to go into this the right way and not be blind sided. Thanks for the information... :)

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