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Opportunities for dual rated pilots

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I think those are few and far between, but they do happen. FP&L in the PBI area has been advertising for a dual-rated pilot recently. Usually the rotorwing time required is fairly high, in my experience.

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Guest rotorflyr84

You're looking at more corporate type jobs. For example, we have a race team over here that utilizes Gulfstreams and Bell Helicopters. Opportunities such as that are present for dual rated pilots.

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"Few and far in between" like every other "real" job you're looking for? ;)


True is that those dual jobs are mostly charter or corporate flying (maybe medevac operation).

I was lucky enough to get a job flying light /medium twins AND beeing able to see the clouds from above every ones in a while: that is, I fly small Jets for charter as well!

...and I started out with less than 200 hours fixed wing time.


The thing is, that those jobs are not necessarily advertised in the open; you'll get 'em by networking with the right people - easier said then done, I know, but sadly that's the way to go.

I got mine beeing introduced to the director of operations through a mutual friend and then running into him a year later in a parking lot - right timing and attitude is paramount, but unfortunately nothing you have control over!

I was told that through consolidation in the big flight departments (fortune 50 companies) they might looking to replace retirees with more flexible pilots - also if you ever want to fly tilt rotor (if they ever make it through development) you would be almost there :P ! (you'll need rotorcraft and multiengine land to get the "powered lift" rating I believe)


Bottomline: If you get it cheap, or if you can afford it, go for it! It can't hurt, makes you a better pilot and more marketable!

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They are out there. Have to look hard though. If you can get your fixedwing time up, multitime included you would have a good chance. Many work as helicopter pilots but act SIC in fixed wing.


One place you may be able to get in somewhat easily is EMS. There are several EMS companies out there that do both. As a result you may be able get in at a base where both are based. Perhaps be PIC rotorwing ans SIC fixed wing?

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