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Professional DVD Recorder for Aviation Project?

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Hi guys,


Just wondering if anyone can help!

I've been asked by a local helicopter company, if I can install a DVD Recorder which we can use to record flight footage.


I'm not sure if any of the main manufacturers products will work in this high vibration environment.


I'm currently looking at products such as:



Panasonic LQ-MD800 (Medical Grade DVD Video Recorder)

Sony DVO1000MD


I'd be happy to hear from anyone regarding installing one of these - or indeed any other DVD Recorder in this environment, and associated problems I may come up against. I'm aware that an inverter will have to be used for the unit, as most of them run on 110v or 240 v a/c, and the helicopter is a 28vDC system.


Many thanks in advance.

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Check out Avalex Technologies in Pensacola, FL. They are very well known in the Law Enforcement communities for great products. The link below is for their newest product which records to USB media, or built-in media, they also have an older version AVR8000 that records to a hard disk drive, or direct to DVD and uses a 24 - 28volt DC connection.


Avalex Technologies

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I would suggest using a solid state recorder, or a DV recorder. You would need some serious dampers on the recorder to prevent recording problems. DV tapes are pretty much the standard for now, so you wouldn't go wrong with that.

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