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Information on Mauna Loa Helicopters

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I am taking the big step in choosing a school for a Professional Pilot Program. I have cheched out a few schools and taken a few check rides. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Mauna Loa or knew if they are a good school and about life in Hawaii. The main reasons I am looking at them is the variation in terrain, the instrument ratings, the ability to train in both the R22 and R44, and the moderate weather conditions. Any information would be a big help. Thanks

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I have not visited Mauna Loa yet but I plan to in a couple weeks. I live on Maui grew up here in Hawai'i. From what I hear they are a good school. What island are you planning to visit? O'ahu has the only city in Hawaii with a big airport. Kaua'i is small and laid back, while the Big Island is where I will visit since it has their simulator and the most helicopters/instructors. Since its also the biggest island but one of the least developed it looks like the best enviorment to practice in. As far as living in Hawai'i it is expensive, housing, food, gas, and all the other nessities cost the most here than any state I think. But if you enjoy the ocean, beautiful volcanoes, and warm/hot weather than you will love it here. There is no place I would rather be then Maui but I look forward to traveling around the country experiencing new places and chasing those jobs. Gota go surf! aloha!

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I have recently been looking into Mauna Loa as well for the Professional Pilot Program (CFII). Kaua'i or Hawaii.


I am interested in training at Mauna Loa because of variance in terrain, the ocean, mountain training, volcanoes, night, the year round climate/weather, instrument ratings, etc.


Does anyone know if they employ their own graduates as flight instructors (to build hours)??


I heard this is a really great school to attend because of atmosphere, environment, one on one, etc.

I have yet to contact them, but plan to do so soon. I should have enough money to attend in 3-4 years if all goes well.

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