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Tuna Boat jobs in Panama and around the world ?

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Hello everyone,


Thanks for stopping by.


I am a pilot looking for contact information, names and telephone numbers of helicopter companies in the tuna boat industry around the world. specially from Panama as I hear there are some operatos there but I can't find anything about it online .there is a post in this forum with a big list of operators but its from 2006 and the phone numbers for Panama are not longer working as I tryed calling all of them.


Can anyone help ?


Cheers !!

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check out:


Pprune Tuna Boat


Pprune is easy to use, and free to sign up. I also suggest Helipan in Panama City. You'll need to get your CPL in Panama, and a work visa. 3 Top on Pprune is a former Helipan CFI and tuna boat pilot. I know a guy who flies there as well now, and that's all he does is fly tuna boats. He had 300 hours in 2002, and he's up to 4,000 hours, all in the 44!


Also check out this website too:


Inter-American Tropical Tuan Commision in La Jolla CA Interesting info too.


BUT more than likely, you'll need a CPL in the country you're working for, unless it's a US registered aircraft, but feel free to correct me on this one guys. Google Panama helicopter companies, and see what you come up with. For the most part, they're flying the 369/500 series, 47, and 44's. I remember seeing a company that had a few 500's at the field where Helipan is, they were used for tuna only.


Good luck!


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