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Starting pay

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From reading the recurring ads for pilots by PHI, Air Log, ERA, etc. it looks like the average starting pay is about $50K per year. All of the job postings mention flight pay, stay-over pay, per diem, etc.


I know every situation is different. What is the actual annual pay for a new hire for the first few years once you factor in all the add-ons?


Just trying to get as educated as possible before I make the leap to the gulf once I retire from the Navy next year. Any info is greatly appreciated.



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They all start at around $52,000, unless you start as a SIC. I heard that is around $40,000.

The extra pay will vary, depending on your contract. If you stay offshore a lot ($40 a day where

I work) and fly a lot ($10 an hour over 30 hours) it can add up. Average contract: say 50 hours per

hitch and 3-4 nights offshore. With double time holidays, recurrent traing and a little workover,

60K is probably a good estimate. AirLog pays $100 a night offshore.

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It depends on the company, the job within that company, and the state of things in general. I've seen long stretches with no overtime available at all, and I've seen stretches where there was more than anyone wanted. I hate to sound like a broken record, but there is no single answer to any question about the GOM, other than "It depends". Count on making the minimum, and consider anything extra as gravy. That's about all you can realistically do.

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