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Documenting my WOFT Adventure

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Posted 17 May 2018 - 17:10

I'm starting this thread to keep tabs on my journey through the WOFT application process, as many others have done. Hopefully it'll help keep my eyes on the prize, and help others gather some useful info. This forum is truly a invaluable resource for folks such as myself looking to start the journey down this road. Thanks to all those who spend the time posting and answering questions for all the clueless civilians like me!


Age: 24





LoR: O8(retired), O7(Started off as WO, "Army Master Aviator", former IP at Rucker, President/CEO of Army Aviation Heritage Foundation), SF CW5(retired),  LtCol(retired, former Delta Commander), SF MSG(retired, former SF Team Sgt), High School Aviation Instructor. (Will be boiling these down to top 3 as per advice from some of you guys)


School: Diploma, 32 Credit Hours from 3 Colleges, poor GPA

Military: None

Physical: (TBD) Should be fine. No issues.

Flight: None, other than thousands of Sim hours :P


Obviously, I still have much to do. I just wanted to start the thread now, so I can update it over time as I get more things done. Current task is getting back in the shape I was in during my high school wrestling days, and studying for the SIFT in my off time.


I know I'll do well on the ASVAB and SIFT. I've taken several practice ASVABs over the years and always done very well. As for the SIFT, I'm a good test taker, and I have a good amount of aviation knowledge already. Physical and Flight Physical shouldn't present any issues either, I have perfect vision and no health problems.


I'll update my post as time goes on and I complete more tasks. Thanks again for providing such a useful resource for those looking into this program!

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