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National Guard Aviation Deployments

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I am currently working with/through the State Aviation Officer in Oklahoma. I have very little doubt that I will be successful in my packet/application (750hr rotorcraft CFI, prior military).


My question is this. What has been the experience of some of you guys in the know concerning deployments of the National Guard? I am not against it at all. I know it is to be expected and am well prepared. I am simply curious as to how much, how often, how long, to where, and the types of missions that the National Guard pilots are being deployed. Do you see any of this changing with a possible change in Presidential administration (I'm not looking for a crystal ball, just realistic insight).


Thanks for the info.

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It kind of depends on what type of aircraft you end up in. Blackhawks and 58's are more likely to go to Iraq while Apaches and Chinooks tend to the Stan. Always exceptions, of course. I don't think the result of the upcoming election is actually going to make any difference in the deployment schedules. In either case I expect to starts seeing units getting retasked from Iraq to Afghanistan.

Our upcoming deployment is scheduled to be 12 months which is supposed to be the standard now. I know of a unit that was mobilized for over two years - they transitioned from AH-64A's to Longbows and deployed on the same activation, but that's the exception. If you ask the right questions of the Aviation Officer you should be able to get an idea of the rotation frequency, they vary from state to state.

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