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Letters of Reference

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How do we go about getting these? i have a good one if i am allowed to use it. it is from a retired navy commander pilot. retired from navy flight and from American Airlines, and currently flying for bombardier. But as far as army aviators how do we meet them if we aren't in the aviation field?

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You're gonna need to get a letter from an active CW3/Major or above Aviator. Even if you're not in an aviation unit, you should have some on you're post. Look for guys in flight suits. Just ask one. I was in an artillery unit, and just looked for people in flight suits in Iraq. They'll take care of you, as long as you are taking care of yourself. Be proactive, have as much done as you can before you ask for their help. Get on the Warrant website and download the complete Warrant packet. Just be prepared. I think if you can't find an Aviator, a Major or above will do.

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