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Gold Seal Instructor Certificate

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These are the requirements i found online:

Gold Seal certification. This is a one-time permanent qualification, and when awarded, is good for a one-time renewal of the CFI certificate. The permanent certificate even has the FAA logo in gold. Years ago, having Gold Seal meant that the CFI held an instrument rating, but since the instrument rating is now required, Gold Seal takes on a new meaning.


To earn Gold Seal certification, the CFI must demonstrate

over the preceding 24 calendar months, at least an 80% first-time pass rate based on a minimum of 10 sign-offs.

Moreover, the CFI must also hold either an Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI) or Instrument Ground Instructor (IGI) certificate.


I have the required sign offs and the knowledge test for IGI shouldn't be a problem ( - the only question is, do I need to be a CFI for 24 months before getting a gold seal?

I did not think so, but then I found a post online by a guy who said he was denied his gold seal because he got his CFI less than 24 months ago.

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You also have to be a dpe or sign off at least 20 peole if not dpe





(1) holds a Flight Instructor Certificate and at

least a Commercial Pilot Certificate with an Instrument


(2) holds a Ground Instructor Certificate with an

Advanced or an Instrument Ground Instructor rating;


(3) within the past 24 months has accom-

plished one of the following:

(a) trained and recommended for

certification at least 10 applicants for certificates or

ratings; 80 percent of these applicants must have

passed the flight test on their first attempt;

(B) conducted at least 20 practical tests as a

designated pilot examiner or 20 graduation tests as

chief flight instructor for an approved pilot school

course; or

© a combination of (a) and (B) (two

practical tests equal one trained and recommended




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You do NOT need to be a CFI for 24 months before adding the Gold Seal.




FAA Order 8900.1

Volume 5

Chapter 2

Section 13

5-571 Procedures

E. Required Criteria


I spoke with Principal Operations Inspector Susan Fraher at the Windsor Locks FSDO in Connecticut this afternoon. She confirmed this reference as current and correct. You do NOT need to be a CFI for 24 months before adding the Gold Seal.

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Picked up my temporary IGI and CFI with Gold Seal today!

Thanks for the advice. Now i just need to get a gold pen to sign logbooks.



p.s.: just in case anyone is wondering, according to my fsdo, the gold seal on the certificate is not made out of actual gold.

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you take the IGI or AGI knowledge test at a testing center of your choice (no endorsment necessary). Then you take the test result printout to your local FSDO along with a photo ID and your current CFI and Commercial Pilot certificate, fill out an 8710, and get a temporary IGI or AGI certificate. Then you fill out another 8710, hand over your old CFI and get a temporary CFI gold seal certificate back, with a new 2 year expiration date on it.


Call them in advance and tell them what you want, so they can check your records and see if you have enought signoffs. Then bring some sort of record of the signoffs you did to the appointment. A list with all the checkride dates, results and names of your students will probably be enough since they have everything in their database as well. I brought copies of all the IACRA/8710s i signed, plus copies of the temp. certificates issued to my students.

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