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Salary, Benefits, and Demographic Surveys


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You guys seen the new surveys I created? They should offer us some pretty fun and educational information about us and our industry.


General Surveys & Polls


  1. Pilot Demographic Survey - Age, where trained, experience level, sector working.
  2. Mechanic Demographic Survey - Age, where trained, experience level, sector working.
  3. Job Satisfaction Survey - Do you like your job?
  4. Visitor Demographic Survey - What do you do in the helicopter industry?
  5. Unions in the Helicopter Industry Survey - Your opinion of Unions in the helicopter industry?
  6. Helicopter Model Survey - What helicopter models flown and your favorite?

Here is the link to the demographic surveys: http://www.justhelicopters.com/Resources/I...46/Default.aspx


Comprensive Pay and Benefits Surveys by position title:


DOO, DOM, CP, Piston Pilot, Turbine Pilot, Multi Pilot, Lead Mechanic, Line Mechanic.


Pay - Workover - Vacation - Sick - Retirement - Benefits


Share your info and let's all use this as a learning tool.


Here is the link. Take the salary survey for your position. http://www.helicoptersalaries.com/SalarySu...31/Default.aspx

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