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Who flies at/near Palm Beach, FL?


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I'm looking for some advice from anyone who flies around West Palm Beach...

I fly an R44 for an individual who spends in winters in West Palm Beach.

He has several race horses (12-16) that he keeps and races at the Palm Meadows track while he is there, and has asked if I would like to bring the helicopter down for a while to fly him around the area a bit.


Here are my questions.


1) Is it worth trying to find a space and KPBI, or is that airport overfull and overpriced?


2) If the better option is Palm Beach County, would any of the schools there let me "rent" a spot on their hangar? Any preference on which school I should talk with (maintenance shop would be a plus)?


3) Are there any public use (or private used by permission) helipads near the Palm Meadows track? City/county ordinances that I should be especially aware of?


I've never been to Florida, so any advice would be appreciated about the area, especially a good guide of what to see from the air.




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I learned to fly at Palm Beach Helicopters out of Palm Beach County (KLNA) airport just south of KPBI. I suggest you give them a call and see if they can help with your questions.




KPBI just caters to the big guys and KLNA is a better option IMHO.



Wish I could help more but I am flying out of North Idaho these days.



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I echo what Chris said about LNA. I grew up there, flew there, etc... I think it's a pretty good place to keep the aircraft. Another spot to look at would be North County Airport (F45) which is NW of West Palm. There is helo's out there, and it's slower than PBI or LNA. Palm Beach Helicopters (previously mentioned) is a Robinson school, call them, they also share a hangar with AirCoastal Helicopters. Both good people though.


As for the helo pads, Haven't a clue. I would call PB Tower, they will know. I know that we do Paradrops just west of PBI, with no problem, just need the land owner's permission.

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