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Employment/Background Checks


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I am a fixed wing private pilot considering becoming a helo pilot. My questions are what kind of background checks do helicopter employers do? I know the airlines do FBI checks, is it the same for helicopter employers? I had a DUI about 5 years ago when I was 23 but it was exponged off my record so it wont show up on regular background checks but it will on an FBI check and dot checks. Will Helicopter employers still hire you with something like that on your record? If so how long after the fact will they consider you? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I dont want to spend a ton of money on school and then not be able to get a job. I also live in the New Orleans area so im looking at working in the Gulf Coast.

Thank You!

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DUI - won't be a problem at all because it was in your past. I know a lot of helicopter pilots who have had DUI's in the past but that is the key phrase "the past"!


Most employers won't give a hoot if you are honest on your application, but if you lie you are screwed. Even though it was exponged it can still be found!!!!


Its all about the hours and experience.


If you are looking for work in the gulf, as long as you get your instrument rating in a helicopter you will be fine!

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As someone with some stupid crap on a juvinile record who has gone thorugh a whole bunch of background investigations and clearances, just be honest. A DUI shows bad judgement, but everyone has some skeletons in the closet. If you have an impressive resume and you are upfront about 1 or maybe 2 mistakes that are far enough back in your past, it shouldn't set you back much, if it all.



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