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The role of organizational culture in helicopter safety

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Mr. Dimitrios Soukeras, an ex-military helicopter pilot and active air safety investigator enrolled in a (MBA/ER) Degree, is conducting an anonymous survey to gather data on the role of organizational culture as facilitator, or hindrance tool or even change driver to implementation of SMS in organizations operating helicopters.The questionnaire consists of 66 questions and will consume 20 minutes of your time but it is the first time ever in helicopter community that it is attempted to analyze the role of culture in safety statistics.


Potential respondents are invited to click on the following web link and fill in the questionnaire. You can reach the author via his email address at: ds116@leicester.ac.uk . The web link will remain active until June 23rd.



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Wow, this survey is poorly written, designed to receive answers that deride SMS. Many questions are unanswerable, as there is no suitable alternative.


The examiners of this person's thesis should throw out the results of the survey as inadmissable because of the bias.

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