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SA 315B Lama


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Lama operators worldwide:


I would like to know your opinion being myself a rated pilot flying this ship in the Switzerland;


If you may still operate this ship against more modern type, my suggestions could be then wake up your interest.


Lama operating is becoming more and more expensive, since Eurocopter declared that they wouldn't discontinue this line, they just add every year some 5 / 7 % on the pricelist.


This means about 50% in some 10-15 years (depending on market fluctuation).


Same time they aren't bringing any innovations like new engines or similars.

Rather than we would face indeed a very expensive evolution caused by AD's which request a lot of modifications and helicopters grounding.


India's HAL is looking to put a new engine on his national military fleet, but they aren't aware of civilian operators interest.


I suggest to hurry up everybody in order to bring HAL to a fully civil airworthiness certificate.

That would cut costs and in the same time maybe force Eurocopter to a more reasonable politics.


Let me please know on this forum your opinion, and let the discussion flow!


Many Happy Landings to everybody.





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