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LAMA SA-315B SAR CoastGuard

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The LAMA SA-315B (SAR) CoastGuard Mission Leader Helicopter Unit

as maiden on Aug.13.2009 at our private flying club field yesterday.


The weather was very hot,,,

the LAMA as done very well I must say.

At the end of the day,,, the test pilot ask me,,,


Do you want to HOVER the LAMA now?

Huh,,, this was not plan, as I was there to assist

the test pilot buddy on that day.


What a suprise to be having the JR 2.4 in my hand and

the LAMA start-up turbine process. Wow,, just fantastic

and a very small HOVER I did acheived.


But we were both very deadbush after a hole day at the sun and hot weather. So I decide to get her back on the ground and call it the day.


What a wonderfull evening I had after, by watching my video's of her first

freespace flying abilities. Paul the test pilot will keep ajusting till she

comes to afine tune for me to handle more easely.



it was a blast to see the LAMA airborn and in front of my eyes. She is not finish as to details to be done,,, I will do that as soon as she come back home again.


A fiew wrods from the test pilot:


Todays mission forward flight testing and adjusting.

Flying weight 10 pounds and nose heavy to help on ballooning

Throttle response is too slow so I will adjust the ESC program.


Flight time are 6 min flying, temp readings are good considering the high outside temp.


Till the next mission


Video of her first maiden flight:

Visit My Website



She is shure sweet and nasty at the same time.

But I will handle her like I handle a sweet cherry pie,,, lol....


Paul will keep ajusting till fine tuning have been acheived.

I am in no worry with such a top expert in the helicopters world.


And about the SK360 stabilization system.

Well we took the decision to go with out it.

As many issues are not acheived for a well flying LAMA of my. And as you know, the system always keep the all servo's working hard.


I at this time will handle the LAMA with out the SK360 for now. I trust auto pilot system,,, but for me at this time, I prefer to handle this helicopter with my brain and experience then letting a auto pilot taking over my machine.


The MRB-III scale headrotor are well balance devise anyway.


Their is a fiew ajusting to the LAMA flying system.

My buddy test pilot is shure having fun ajusting her at her best.

More testing will be acheived next tuesday.


Will keep you posted on my doing later.



I made my self a radio transmitter platform that will be hold by a neck strap.


I am not creazy about holding the radio in my hand and driving the helicopter at the same time with my finger tips. Not precise for me.


As I use my fingers to fly, this will come handy next tuesday while I'll do some more HOVERing with a more ajust LAMA.


Ps: The battery will be re-locate near the headrotor & behind the gyro devise.


So I'll be able to ajust my working office instruments and seat devise in there. The battery was in the canopy only for test on maiden day. Will look more as a scale LAMA and with fully showing the canopy interior.


Till next time Buddies...


HERE is the FIRST Foward flight

LAMA SA-315B SAR CoastGuard

Mission Leader Helicopter Unit:









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Thats pretty cool, I thought when first reading the E-mail notice,that you where talking about a Real Lama ,there is a Guy here in Greensboro that has a Scale gas powered lama like that for sale for $700.00


if I did not have my Money Tyed up on my Real Helicom Commuter Jr. single seat helicopter. I would have bought it. it is the First Scale RC I have seen with a true 3 bladed Rotor system.


How long a flight can you get on your electric version?

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Thats pretty cool, I thought when first reading the E-mail notice,that you where talking about a Real Lama ,there is a Guy here in Greensboro that has a Scale gas powered lama like that for sale for $700.00


if I did not have my Money Tyed up on my Real Helicom Commuter Jr. single seat helicopter. I would have bought it. it is the First Scale RC I have seen with a true 3 bladed Rotor system.


How long a flight can you get on your electric version?


Good morn Buddy,

She's shure getting all attention now as she is getting almost complet now.

Will have to do a little more detail's on the LAMA as soon as comes back to me homebase.

Right now the LAMA is at my mentor homebase for proper ajustments setting.


She will look even better as I have order some light system

with beacon, nav, strobe and a instrument panel light devise.

Will make her look more real and sharp as it come for HOVERing at evening time on her

homebase Private heliport helipad in my backyeard estate.


For the flying time log,

it will be 6mins. But we still at testing process right now with the batteri devise.

But I guess the 6mins is fine cause on the testing this last week, the batteries and motor, ESC were not hot at all. And on that test day it was very hot here and sunny with no wind,, or a little 3 knots

calm wind day.


And for the LAMA with the MRB-III scale main rotorhead,,, you can shure call her

a scale flying LAMA machine now. Wonder if the kit you are talking about at 700$

comes with the MRB-III scale system. For my part, when I did order the LAMA from HIROBO

I order the LAMA SA-315B MRB-III red kit. But HIROBO do also a kit with only 2 blades if you wish.


Will do some more testing with my buddy mentor next tuesday.

So i'll be posting up-date of our future acheivemnets.


Not complet as details wise goes,,, but I'll have a fiew photoshoot as soon as she is ready with all details on. I will do the photos on her own helipad at my home with the landing helipad night lights

around her private backyard heliport.

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here is a pic of the R/C lama that is for sale.


it has the 3 bladed System.


btw you do know this is a real Helicopter Forum and not a model Forum. but still a Cool Scale model.


They just had the popular Rotorcraft association fly-in for gyroplanes and Helicopters last week at mentone Indy. and they had several people that flew some RC's during down time of the real aircraft.


I had seen that Lama for sale and thought, man now that would have made a cool flight demo at the Fly-in. btw loved the Video of your Lama.


You can learn more about PRA at www.pra.org and you can learn more about home built gyroplanes and helicopters on the Rotarywing forum at www.rotaryforum.com


there are even a few threads on some scale RC Gyroplanes.


but I have to warn you Gyros can get addictive.


on the Forum I go under the name Animal and you can see a thread i started showing the restoration of the Commuter Jr. as you can see by my log in name here I am still dreamin of a Commuter 2B, that is the 2 seat version of the one I have now. also very rare.


here is a pic of my rare 1968 Helicom Commuter Jr. helicopter I am restoring.

it is powered with a Cont. C-90 converted to an 0-200 100 h.p.


I am doing a frame up rebuild and putting it back to stock config like it was in the pic where it is blue and white.


I have it torn down to the bare frame now ready to strip the old paint off and repaint.


then the real fun starts... :)




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Yea I know,

it is a fully scale site helicopters.

I'm a X Exec pilot, and at time now I get invited to fly fully scale heli's.

Hang with the boy's, that is why I am here,,, he, he...


Great looking machine you are working on Buddy.

What will be the date that you plan to maiden?


And yea,

I know about that Indiana event. Got a buddy there with his EC120B

Toronto Metro Police paint scheme model replica. A fiew weeks back, my buddy got

invited by the Toronto Metro Poloce to go show them his helicopter replica of that police department. If you were at that event, you maybe did bump on my buddy there with his EC120B.


They have plan a full day visite for him to have there, and he will even get a ride on the real

EC120B that they how since this spring. Pretty cool I say...



It will be a 3 blades rotorhead system

after my buddy get the helicommand devise set properly ...

Visit My Website


And wowy,

you have a great project to acheive I would say, Dreamin of a Commuter 2B.

Pretty cool flying machine... Do you have your own private flying zone behind your home?

That should be cool to T/O from home base that's for shure... lol...


About my LAMA tailrotor SToL,

yea this time it is 2 blades. But I plan to get a Century 3 blades scale headrotor for the tail

soon. So that should be looking like a LAMA after that fix. For now 2 bladers are fine.


Something not happy as happen to my test pilot yesterday on the test LAMA.

As he is a top expert in Rc electric helicopters, I trust him with all my engineer fixing.


We have been advise by a other pilot that procedure to try,

but it did'nt work out well for us. So here is the story of my mentor Rc heli Buddy

from yesterday. Not to worry, the LAMA as been save, just the gears are to be change.


Glade he did handle the LAMA beast greatly,,, as always since I known him.



Here is my test pilot yesterday story with the maingear issue:


Well the ESC has been programed now to Governor mode so nest test day could be next tuesday. I know if the throttle response is better it will be easier to handle.

I never did use governor mode on my helis so I will see.


Set back today as I had set the governor mode to 1600 and 1800 then I tried it ,I was getting a variation RPM then got noise and then main gear stripped, motor was loose.

Now since I never used governor mode I dont know if I did something wrong in the settings.


Maybe my throttle curve was not set properly along with the governor setting, dont know.


I think I will set the ESC the way I had it and set my throttle curve differently.


Thats how I have my Sqirrel and also my 450's but this time I tried the governor mode and something happen.


Now I reprogram the ESC to what I had except for the RPM respone I have it th medium now but cant try it now............no main gear anymore




I will call my Hirobo distributor monday to get more gears.

If he got them in stock,, I'll get them right away to Paul home on monday.

So he can have the gears,, so tuesday all is plan schedule like we have expecting

and to be doing more test at our club.


I'll keep you posted Guy's.

I am in no worry state of mind ...


Thanks for the links.

Will keep in contact ...

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Well I always have liked the lama's they are a wicked Helicopter.


so your Scale model cought my eye.


if all my money was not tied up rebuilding my Commuter,I would try and get that one that is listed here locally.


I do like the Video of your RC lama, the electric motor even sounds kind of like a turbine.


as for my landing zone, right now it is a hover hole. I will need to cut down a lot more trees in the back swamp to have a safe approach and departure area.


if all goes well I hope to have the Commuter back in flight condition buy oct.


keep an eye on the Rotary wing Forum and you can watch the restore.


I would start a restore thread on here. but not sure what area I should post it.


here is how it looks today,it is striped down ready to sand blast the frame and repaint with 2 part epoxy primer.


once it is repainted,then the fun parts starts and I can start putting all the parts back on and get it running.


Edited by Dreamin of a Commuter 2B
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Thanks for your

well comment Buddy.

I much appreciate this...


The LAMA is such a great helicopter. As I have some buddies over Europe that fly them, film them, photoshoot them and engineer them around. I am luck to have those contacts.


And yea,

it sound like a turbine,,, on the start-up and shutdown process. So cool Buddy to hear that sound I say. Now if I can get that gear from my distributor tomorow,, we will be on schedule with our testing on next tuesday. I would like that very much,,, as I will do some HOVERing practice after Paul as done a fiew setting fix that day.


Hopefully he will have the part on hand tomorow if all goes well.


Cool your project buddy,

I will shure follow your built till test day.

Best of luck on that making,,, take your time,,, she will be nicer that way,,, lol..


And yea,

the money matter story he,he. To many good things in this life,,, but better focus on one thing at the time and get it to the acheivment goal. Maybe one day you'll get your LAMA too.

For my part Buddy,,, electric conversion sound and look like the fully scale one. As you dont have any motor gas smoke going under the belly. That destroy the scale flying look for my part.

But everyone does the LAMA the way he likes it. Your teaste is your priority,,, no one else business,,, lol...


Here is my photos albums of some of my doing if you wish to see what I have been doing for that LAMA SA-315B SAR CoastGuard to enjoy in my back yard with 1/2 miles flying free zone.

And many other albums to view on a different point of the aviation view.


Visit My Website


As you see,,, I'm going full board on that one hobby,,, and with helicopters in real life, he,he...


Talk to yea soon Bud,

and take good care with your present project and future goal...

Edited by LAMAHORSE / SA-315B
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I'm shure proud of it..

As I am proud of my acomplishment done from the past fiew months. She shure is something Buddies,, shure is...


Just cant wait now till she come back to her Capt,,, lol...

Her Commander I should say,,, he,he...


Well Paul as received the stikers yesterday.

A fiew extra's detail's on the LAMA is making her looking awesome. She shure looking good now.


Her assignment will be the North Canada Artic region for duty. In a imaginary state of mind wise that is. As it will Hover from a Canadian CoastGuard ship and a wood winter platform helipad in the glacier region.


Will probably do this fall, a LARGE helipad platform made of trees for winter behind our home backyard estate field of (1/2 miles free flying zone area). It will be like the real wood platform they use in the Suisse Alpes region next to the Glacier there. I will probably keep it ourside and inplant into the ground all winter.


Will look for that wood trees parts in the wood this fall whille all colors are out for our eyes to enjoy. Should be cool to fly at time this winter with my LAMA on a calm winter morning while their is deadwind time and with all that snow that we have here in winter time season.


Here is the LAMA with her CoastGuard look:

Enjoy Buddies!!!


Ps: Soon, I'll be showing her (LIVE) to my buddy Chief Engineer at Canadians Helicopters Limited homebase...


Should be a great morning break while coffee & Donuts sharing over there. Who knows, maybe our Operation director will come down from is office to join us. Shure hope so,, he,he... I'll let you know later the date I'll be visiting with the LAMA SA-315B CoastGuard ...







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What do you know,

the winter (Rustik) Suisse helipad made of cedar wood as been done.

Got the suare wood pieces from a buddy that cut's trees to make home wood floors.



it is all wood made and I must say it look like the helipad that in the Alpes they use to land the helicopter next to mountain peaks. Now I have to fine the ground support for it.


I have made it large anought to be easy to hover land on it in winter time.

I have told my helicopter mentor pilot that owns the 355N Ecureuil about it.

We will shure have this winter a great pleasure to fly with that helipad around

for our LAMA SA-315B and Ecureuil 355N helicopters, and right in my back yard.




Here is some picture of the LAMA with my mentor friday morning while he try my LAMA over the beach shore near his homebase. He's having a ball testing it right now.






















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Hi Guy's,


Got this week my new blades of 520mmm size to fit later on the LAMA.

Got also a special charger for all kind of batteries types. but I will use it

for charging the Lipo's batetries that I will use to powerplant and servo's system.


The batteries should arrive in the first week of september. At the moment

we fly the LAMA with my mentor batteries that he own's.


Got my self some pylon's of 7 fts heigh and more to be use as practice devise

around my private heliport flying free space behind our house estate. I will

paint them with red and white stripes apply horizontaly on them.


The pylon's also have a base platform so it can be fit on the ground surface equaly

and stable the will be with 4 pin's into the ground for more grip apply to them.


I should be starting the work process on the pylon's today.

Will got get some color's paint this morning at the hardware store.

Should be starting the white this after noon and the red stripes will be apply

if the white as dry anought at the end of the day.


Pictures should be out soon to show them off.


Next testing in foward flight should be next week-end.

Hope the weather get nice by then and that my mentor free him self

to come at the club with my LAMA. Will see ...

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A fiew day's back,

got my self some 7fts pylon's to be use

as practice devise in my backyard place.



got to finish the paint on the pylon's.

White and red stripes have been paint on.


Looks amazing and will add some more detail's to them.

Will be shown soon...


I just got a notice from my mentor buddy that works as engineer on my LAMA. He as tested the brand new charger to charge one of my brand new batteries he as received. The charger is not working properly,, SNAG'S SNAG'S SNAG'S... What else is new ...


Will have to go back to the hobbystore to change the charger.

And will get a new receiver batterie also there instead. As the one I receive via internet

is not holding the charge. We will try to get it replace from the USA distributor,

that did provide us that scrap battery.


Not today,,, maybe tomorow or saturday morning ...


Hope after that,,, I get no more SNAG"S issues ...

Those thing's happen my mentor say. Okay, I get that ...



I don't plan to fly it till my mentor vacation

date that are begining on the 12 of september.


Will remain calm ,,, and nothing to do then wait, wait wait on ...

Issues that are not so big to resolve ,,, just a waste of time to drive again to the store.

Oh well ,,, I'll keep focus on the great flying it will provide me later...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all,

been on the LAMA detail's for the last fiew day's.


Work out a new UHF tailboom plate with a new color and design for now.

Done and been inplant in position. Super Sharp. But the final one is in progress.

As it will be hold in one part piece with the UHF antena included. Coming soon!

The weight of that plate is lower now.



did get the underbelly alumi transport cages out to my paintshop private facility.

Got them spray with a white primer sealer with 2 coats.

Then apply 2 coats of red on them. Now the underbelly transport cages are done and attach back to the LAMA. Wow, they look just wonderfull as red now.


Some more to do on the turbine, and a new design stab fin's is on the making.

The new fin's will be so much better, and as the weight will be also liter on them.

And the canopy will be re-design also... All to come, but got my idea straight now.


Now, looking at all those small detail's I can do for the next fiew day's ...




NEW Tailboom UHF plate done and fix.

Transport cages are paint red and done.

Totaly awesome ...



will make my NEW stab fin's with a new design.

They ll be pretty same size as the ones on now.

But different as design goes.





complet the new stab fin's for the LAMA.

Did primer and paint them white. They are located over the fin's already on.

Will silicon them today on there respective location and align them straight.


Will begin to complet the turbine today. Will silicon the heat protector brass part

on to the turbine exaust chamber.


Then it will be time for the tip end brass donut part to be silicon into position tight fix.

That one donut will be a small challenge to proper fix,,, but I should get it right the first time.


Next will start on the canopy finish style.


We got the light system last week. Paul as showed me the system last thursday.

So after I am done with the LAMA ,,, Paul will get her back to proper fix my lights and strobes.

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Done with the fin's and are fix and installed.

They will receive soon a CCG LOGO stiker's to final finish them.


The turbine main heat protector bras devise as been inplant into place.

Took a new brass sheet and re-draw a new one of the same size. It is cleaner now.

Secure and proper fix ... Then the tip end exuast donut made of brass as been fix also.


All got together fine.

Just had to take my time to make them fix straight into proper position.


Today will start on the canopy on a slow move.

It's a holiday for me today anyway. Will enjoy the morning with my Mom...



will go pick-up my receiver battery that as come in the store for me.

Then the LAMA is heading for my mentor hangar to have the proper lights system install.

By next week sept 14, I'll be flying the LAMA for 3 weeks vacation training.

Supported by my helicopter master builder mentor as Master Chief instructor.


While in my vacation,

will probably got to my buddies fullsize helicopters compagny next door to show the LAMA final result to the Chief engineer of operation and the Operation Director buddies.


They been expecting the LAMA to visite as soon as I have finish her ...

Will shure do that ...

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Very happy that it is finaly almost ready for this fall vacation.

Man, it is a very sweet looking helicopter now Buddy...


Yesterday, Was to complet the turbine end tip exaust brass donut.

It took me a fiew hours to fix and get in proper angle for this issue.

All is tight fit and fix now on the turbine, and superb scale looking

with that brass shining at the sun on helipad platform TARMAC .


No photos yet,, will come in proper time with a new series of the complet LAMA SA-315B soon ...


Have started to see how I want my canopy to be like. Will start that after a visite to the hobbystore. I think they have my received my receiver battery now. Will call this morning to see if I pick-up the batt today.


Next week is the vacation for 3 weeks. My buddy mentor as the same vacation date. But He will have to do some duty on the famely house befort winter. Hope we still can fly alote of time together for the next fiew weeks.


It is okay,

I understand famely responsibilities. I have a famely too,,, he,he...

But I think we will have great time here and there flying our helicopters together in that periode of vacation.


Next monday is the starting vacation date...

Wowy GO LAMA GO,, he,he...

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