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Pinnacle Rescue


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Looks like it was fun flyin'. The public never seems to get the simple capabilities of a decent bird and competent pilot. Things like this always amaze them. That's good for us! :)


Kinda reminds me of that picture that made the rounds (over and over) of the Chinook doing the aft gear only "landing" on that shack. Everybody thought it was amazing. We did that in the CH-47D transition school. It was pretty fun.


I liked that Mr. Mercer's demeanor and the points he made in the video were professional, humble and focused on safety. The text in the article mentions him commenting on it being an "adrenaline rush" but I'm sure that (after watching the video) Terry Mercer is anything but an adrenaline junky. I wish writers would leave comments like that out but they want to excite people and sell copy.


IMO... Good job, Terry, on some good work and being a squared away representative of the profession.

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