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Cattle Mustering


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An R22 pilot recently died NW of Phoenix mustering cattle. It caught my attention. He didn't mast or tail cone strike, like it looks might happen in the video below. He hit a cable flying low over a river. This is only one of many videos on Youtube of cattle mustering.



It looks like a lot of fun, but I can't imagine the life expectancy of these pilots is very long. A couple questions:

1. Is this a low time gig?

a. How is the pay?

2. Is this as dangerous as it looks?

3. What regs would this fall under? It seems like a call to the local FSDO could make this work under 119.1(e)(4)(i) "Crop dusting, seeding, spraying, and bird chasing". What about cow or sheep chasing? Assuming it's in the US.

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You want some crazy r22 videos, try a youtoob search for 'deer netting' or something similar.


Dangerous? You're low and chasing animals on the ground, if something goes wrong, you better be paying attention as you won't have a lot of time to sort things out. My opinion anyway.

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It is done out in West Texas also. I have a friend who did it when he was building time. You do have to make a good recon of the area you will be working in and take note of any problem areas. Like any flying it has it's dangers. When my friend was doing it. BH47 and Hiller 12's were the primary machines. Now everyone seems to be going with R22's which don't have as much margin for error as the Bells and Hillers. You don't move real fast and you need to keep your head moving all the time.

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