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Anyone familiar with Air Evac?

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I keep seeing postings for Air-Evac, and have applied for every single one, in every location. I meet their minimums, applied via their website, emailed the recruiter directly, and even spoke with him.


I'm not complaining, I'm sure they have a ton of resumes. I'm just wondering if anyone has worked with them, recently been hired, or is having a similar experience. It would be nice to know it's not because they don't like me. :)


Any help is appreciated.

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First of all, which Air Evac are you referring to; one is Air Evac Lifeteam (also known as AEL), and the other is simply Air Evac, PHI's air medical operator. Air Evac Lifeteam has locations throughout the south and utilizes mostly Bell 206's, while Air Evac has many locations in the southwest and a couple through the mid west using AS-350's, Bell 407's and EC-135's.


Secondly, how much night time do you have? That might be the limitation; most companies want at least 100 hours and more definitely doesn't hurt. The other thing might just be the economy, and how tough it is to get a helicopter job right now. While they may advertise 2000 hours total, if someone with 5000 hours applies, they probably get precedence over you.

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