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WOFT interview

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The usarec warrant officer website has a FAQ telling the general areas that they are looking at.


My board was pretty chill, they did not try to grill me or ask loaded questions. Your recruter should be able to practice a "mock board" with you. Things like "Why do you want to go into the army?" for example. It's a job interview, IMO should be treated as such.

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Unfortunately, I believe that revealing the exact questions is considered a breach of protocol. This is what I was told, at least.


You can prepare, however, by doing your research. By this I mean: know the Army, know the job. They're looking for motivated self-starters, so if you can walk in with a solid grasp of exactly what you are asking them to trust you with, you'll be ahead of the curve. The Core Values you mentioned are a great start. A bit of Army history doesn't hurt either. Do you have have family with an Army background? If so, know everything about the details of their service and be prepared to discuss it in detail - the Army *loves* a "family tradition" of service, but they'll be pissed if it seems like you just skimmed your family records to impress them.


Be prepared to discuss everything you've done in the last 10 years and what it has meant to your personal and professional development. If you've done some good stuff, like College or Eagle Scout or an Airman Certificate, be ready to mention it at the first (logical) opportunity and discuss it in detail. They will ask followup questions to things like this, and the more time you can spend discussing your strengths, the less time they'll get to spend on stuff like your speeding tickets or lousy grades one semester.


If you've screwed up in your past, admit it if questioned. Be completely honest about your own failings, but be completely clear about how those failings have led to you becoming a better individual. The board does not expect you to be perfect, but they do expect you to recognize your shortcomings and have a solid plan to overcome them. Your honesty and integrity could (will?) very well be the difference between a 75/75 or a No Go.

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The board members are people too, if you screwed up admit to it. I had a cruddy GPA in college, but I also told them why and what the steps I could do/did to fix it. The army likes people who take responsibility for their actions instead of making excuses or blaming others. Leave your pride at the door, show how motivated you are by knowing about the army. What you can do for the army, and why the army wants you. Its not a secret what the board is looking for just look at the warrant officer recruiting FAQ. It's public knowledge.

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Ripperoo and Vaelor have really good advice, I second everything they said. Just know at some point it's almost guaranteed that they will find the weakest area in your packet and ask you tough questions about it. Make sure you give them an honest, straight-forward response. Riperoo said it well - "the Army likes people who take responsibility for their actions instead of making excuses or blaming others."

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