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This is my first post here so let me first say hello to all.


I started my WOFT packet about a month ago and so far so good. I am currently enlisted in the Navy and plan on making the jump over to the Army. Since I am already active duty I have already taken my ASVAB (91). I have also taken the AFAST(134) and I’m waiting on a date for my flight physical (should be next week). This is the first time that I have ever been nervous about going to the doctor, I would hate to be out of the race before it even starts. I wanted to post a quick hello and thank all of you that have contributed to this forum it has been a great help. I’m sure before its all said and done I’ll have plenty of questions and if noting else compare notes about the whole process. I’m sure this will also be a place to post the nervous “selection is tomorrow I hope I get it” topic.



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Best of luck, Nav - keep us informed. I'm sure that current WOFT selectees would be happy to answer any questions that crop up during the process. Your test scores are looking great, though. Well done.

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