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Fixed Wing Flight School in or around NYC?

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Hi all,

I know this is somewhat off topic, but my brother is looking for a fixed wing flight school in or around New York City where he could earn his PPL.

Since I don't live in NYC, nor do I fly fixed wing, I still thought I would ask here since some of you folks from out east may have some recommendations, or know any flight schools that offer fixed wing training.


One point to keep in mind is transportation, since my brother lives in the city and he commutes with public transportation. Would be great to find a school which can be reached via public transportation.


Also, feel free to share if there are any schools that need to be avoided. You also can PM me if you don't want to post this in public here.


Thanks for all your input. I will pass it on to my brother.



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Don't know much about the actual schools.

Republic Airport in Farmingdale on Long Island has a few fixed wing schools. One of them does the training for the State Uni Aviation courses. The LIRR from Penn Station or Jamaica will take him pretty close to the airport I think, with a quick cab ride perhaps. Further out on that line will bring you to within a mile of Islip Mc Arthur airport which has a few schools, that's about a 1.5-2 hour train ride though.


You can get to Linden Airport in NJ in 25 mins from Penn Station with NJ Transit Northeast Corridor or North Jersey Coast Line and a $6 cab ride.


Teterboro has a school or 2. You can get there on the North Jersey Coast Line then Pascack Valley Line, there's a train station on either side of the airport. I don't think Teterboro's extremely busy environment would be conducive to good learning though. Just this morning I seen a small jet have to go-around as I was passing over midfield at 1,500' when another one that was cleared for takeoff didn't expedite his takeoff enough!! Of the 4 major airports, KTEB is the most intimidating to fly into.


Not sure about White Plains(Westchester).


He could always just hire a Zip car for the day like so many other New Yorkers that leave the city. He could then head out further into more quiet airspace.

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Hi Darren,

Thanks for your info. I will pass that along to my brother.


If anyone else out there can comment on the schools at Teterboro and/or Linden Airport, this would be much appreciated.




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If he does go further afield, tell him to stay away from the fixed wing school in Princeton NJ. I worked at Nassau Helicopters there for a few years and can tell you that the fixed wing school which is run by the airport manager is pretty terrible all round. There's lots of things I could mention about it. Shoddy maintenance would be at the top of my list, followed closely by the bad example set by the manager himself, such as high speed 20' fly-bys of the field in his Bonanza with zero radio calls, while there's student pilots dotted around the pattern.

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