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For those of you who operate helicopters IFR, I have a simple question. Do you or your company have a policy or procedure on the use of pitot heat during instrument operations? I am asking this of those pilots who conduct IFR operations under Part 91 or 135. What I am looking for is a general idea of what is being done industry wide, so I can bring this into my instruction of instrument students.


For those of you who do not fly IFR, Please keep in mind that I am really not looking for some of the types of comments one sometimes see on this board.


Thank you.

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My Company's policy is to use pitot heat in accordance with the RFM. Different manufacturers have different requirements. For example, in the EC145 the pitot heat is always on. AW139, below 4 degrees Celsius. The B412 (from memory), below 4 degrees Celsius in visible moisture.

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