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Dragonfur Tees

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Anybody here have any experience with these as they have some FR capability that other tees don't. I know a lot of pilots who wear the UnaderArmour shirts...not suggesting either is an ideal outergarment for fire protection, nor would I expect Mr. R to endorse them, but as an undergarment. Thoughts?


Dragonfur FR tee



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I have no experience with dragon fur but you may want to do some comparison with Massif. I have worn many of their products over the last ten years and have been very happy with the quality. My only complaints have been the massive increase in price over the last couple years and some sizing issues. I probably shouldn't fault them for my freakish build but it would be nice to have gear that fit a skinny guy with long arms. I tend to by a size up and have it tailored.


Massif Tee http://www.massif.com/massif-gear/underwear/cool-knittm-t-shirt.html

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