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Guard WOFT procedure

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Yet another poor noob here. I've been trolling this forum for awhile now, but i'm a little unclear as to how to get this started. I understand getting a packet together, but what should I do first? A little background: I'm 28, married with child, no college, working as fedex drone, just purchased house. Living in PA. Looked at civilian pilot school, and realized one mortgage is enough. :)


1. Would it be appropriate for me to call the aviation battalion in Ft. Indiantown Gap to set up a time to interview some pilots, and get to know them?

2. I'm currently studying for the AFAST, etc. Should I contact a recruiter to schedule my ASVAB/AFAST?

3. I have read on here about getting a WO recruiter. How would I go about getting one?

4. Can the interview/packet process be done without enlisting? I don't want to enlist and then somehow get swept under a rug, stuck doing something I don't want to do.


That's all I have for now. I"m sure I'll have more questions. Any help I can get would be awesome. Thanks!

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1. Just like in the civilian world, networking is key. Do what you can to get to know some people in the right places.



2. Definitely contact a recruiter about the ASVAB and AFAST.



3. Go to nationalguard.com. Go to the warrant officer page. Submit a request for information. You will be contacted.



4. It is my understanding that to submit a warrant officer packet for a guard slot you must be enlisted in the guard or transitioning from active duty(regular army or any other branch).


I was enlisted - regular army and after a couple deployments and watching some good friends die I decided to get out. My goal when I enlisted was to put in a woft packet. I started my packet when I got to my first unit. My company commander didn't give a rats a** about me and could care less until it was time to re-enlist. I've been kicking myself ever since for not extending and putting in a packet. I just recently started checking in to the national guard WOFT program.


My advice is don't enlist and then put in a packet. What if you can't pass a flight physical or get a security clearance? Then you are stuck in an enlisted position until your enlistment is up. Then while completing your 8 year obligation in the IRR, you run the risk of being recalled and deployed again like I was.


I'm not expert by any means. You should talk to a warrant officer recruiter. Go to nationalguard.com and go to the warrant officer page. Submit a request and a chief will call you.


If you really want to do the WOFT program consider doing it in the regular army or reserves. You can put in a packet as a civilian. But keep in mind you will be up against a lot of good competition.

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Thanks for the advice. I suppose I should add my goals to this. Obviously I want to be a pilot for a career. My ultimate flying career would be either Penn State's Life Lion, or MD State Police. I realize these are years down the road. Both require at least 2000 hrs. What do you think? The Guard route would be all turbine with NVG/night, etc. How many hours (average) would I expect for my 8 years on the Guard? As far as training and ability to secure a decent pilot job when I'm done, I'm guessing the Guard would be my best bet? Civilian training just seems a little too unpredictable, not to mention expensive as hell. I'm not sure I'd want to go active duty. My wife would kill me if I did that, and we had to permanently move somewhere for active duty. we just bought our house. Thanks again.

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