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I have a friend stationed in Fayettville that is interested in using his GI Bill for flight training.


I have tried looking up schools in the area without much luck. I have learned from experience that the school listings on many sites do not show all schools in an area. Just wondering if anyone knew of schools around there. I now Heliventures would be a good option since they are set up for using the GI Bill but Concord is quite aways from Fayettville.


I thought there would be something around Raleigh where he could go do an intro flight and chat with some folks but I haven't found one yet.

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Total Flight Solutions just 20 min north of Raleigh in Louisburg, NC. I worked there a few years ago when it had a different owner. The current owner is great and has improved a lot of things there.



Check em out: http://www.totalflight.com/helicopter.html



FlyNHighNFast and PlatoNC went there. Send them a message if you want some info from folks who flew there

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Rotormandan is being modest, he was one of the instructors there, back when it was NC Rotor&Wing, and he was a great instructor to fly with.


As Dan said, the new owners are great people and I would highly recommend TFS, they have well maintained ships, excellent instructors and most of all, they want to see their students succeed. The environment is very inviting to new pilots. Check them out and you will see for yourself.



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