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Semi on topic. Speed riding


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Those guys are nuts. I love it! I've been seeing an increasing number of these Speed Riding movies pop up. It seems to be "the big new thing". As this becomes more mainstream we're gonna see fatalities pile up as more and more less qualified enthusiasts attempt to conquer this sport because like all extreme sports, things can go wrong very quickly. But, the adrenaline rush must be epic.

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I see your point. Skydiving, especially the portion under canopy has similarities to speed riding. One potential catastrophic similarity is a term called "gift wrapping". This is where your canopy gets below you and you find yourself inextricably wrapped in it. Almost always fatal in skydiving. The same situation can occur in CRW or if 2 canopies come into close contact one canopy wrapping the other skydiver, or free faller into another canopy. Again, almost always fatal.

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