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Quick WOFT Question

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My name is Andre and I am new here but I have been following this board for a little while now and want to thank everyone for the helpful information that I have found.


I want to join the Army as an Aviator very bad and think the WOFT route would be best for me. I just want to get some opinions on my question to see if that would disquallify me. I was offered but I turned down an offer to be part of the HFTP program at UND. I applied there a few years ago and was accepted. They gave me a week or so to give them an answer and at the time I turned it down. Not being able to go back in time I have been looking at the WOFT program as a remedy to my passion to fly. I often look back and regret that decision but from that decision I stayed and found my wife and we have a little boy now. Plus I would get more flight time as a Warrant Officer. I would appreciate any help and advice I could get on this matter. Thanks so much.


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