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Working in Canada


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I start training in the fall and regularly search for jobs to have an idea of my prospects of getting a job when I graduate. There seems to be a decent bit of relatively low time work in Canada for someone trying to move past flight instructing and I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the process of getting a work visa there. I found a topic that touched on it on here but not much detail.

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SInce NAFTA the rules MAY have changed, but when I did a contract in Canada, I had to be sponsered by the employer, who had to justify hiring a non-resident, do a Transport Canada law test and take a checkride. All this for a 6 week contract. For more long term employment you would have to convert your certificate to a Canadian License, so there are several written exams to take and you have to have an endorsement for each type helicopter you fly, which means a checkride in each. Plus the fees to do all that in Canada make the US Mob look generous.

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