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Hey guys just wandering what you thought of getting a LOR from a former NSA agent. I have no idea if that would be solid or if they could care less about that and only want it from pilots and high-ups. I do have about 3 pilots lined up that I have known for a while. One from the Airforce and a CW2 from vietnam. Any suggestions for the NSA LOR would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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There are plenty of people down here in flight school that have no aviation related LORs. They just had ones from civilian bosses in different industries. This gets pointed out a lot, but the quality of what is written is often times more important than who it is from. You already have some aviation ones, which is great. Just make sure you get ones that are both personal and passionate.


When I went to my board, my weakest LOR was from a LTC who was an Apache pilot. Why? Because it was just generic. I had much stronger LORs that were from non-aviation types that knew me far better and wrote more personally.


Good luck with the process!

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