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San Diego college programs?

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Are there any aviation related (with helicopter available) programs at colleges around San Diego?


A little note, I plan on using my GI bill in the way you can at SLCC and ULA.


I can not fine anything by searching. I contacted Mirimar community college; their program is not helicopter based, and they don't integrate flight training anyways. I also tried contacting embry riddle (because they have a "worldwide campus" (idk what that is) near there and they didn't give me any useful info.





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Unfortunately, there are not that many programs out there that currently partner with a college/university so that a veteran can utilize their full Post-911 benefits.


We do offer two locations:


SLC - Helicopter

West Memphis, AR - Helicopter and Fixed-wing

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Upper limit offers exactly what I want, and I think the program SLCC's program would be perfect, I emailed you guys for info and got a great response, I read many good things about your school but my girlfriend is limited to certain schools she can goto, and there is nothing in Utah for her. (she is originally from Sweden and is going to be getting assistance from her gov to goto school here in the US, so her choices are limited)

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I will try and get you a list of possible schools near the locations you listed on your other post. I have to contact our Liason for that list.


When did you email us? I answered an email today from a Marine who currently is an ATC.

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