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So our Fly It Sim is still using Flight Sim 2002 along with a 2002 database. This has become rather annoying when doing IFR training because we only have one Terminal Procedures Pub that dates back to 2002. The problem is that you cannot pull up your IFR low charts and navigate because frequencies change, courses change, all sorts of good stuff changes. And I would love to use my magical iPad with foreflight to practice in the sim (because it works like no ones business!!!). But alas, I cannot. Can the Fly IT not be updated, or are there issues when updating it? What is my school not getting? Thanks Gents.

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Never mind, I guess it costs about 30K to update the database and it has to be shipped to CA to be done.


Yepp, I was gonna say 22K but you get the idea. Now the real question is.....can you log the time you are flying in it without the upgrade?

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