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I am thinking of relocating (chasing a skirt actually) to the land of oz, any Aussie pilots/mechanics give me any leads about the Sunshine Coast operators that may want to hire me from USA? And license conversions?

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Hi, you'll get few tips about conversion here:


Skippy helo forum: http://www.bladeslapper.com/content/bb/viewforum.php?f=14


Sorry, but by any means I want to make ads to another forum, I'm just trying to help!



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Unless you have some very special qualifications, it is unlikely that you will get hired remotely down here. You need to show up, complete all the licensing paperwork and tests, and then start talking to people.


Bladeslapper has all the details about the conversion - In summary, it takes about 6 weeks once you are in the country. This is mainly waiting for paperwork (security clearance AKA "ASIC"). You have to do an air law theory exam and a basic flight test at a flying school, if you are looking at the sunshine coast talk to Bluetongue Helicopters.

First steps are to apply for a ARN and get the medical done, both of which can be done overseas if you want to save time.



If you have experience, you shouldn't have much trouble finding a job down here once you got the ticket, though a lot of the work is "out bush" meaning remote, maybe touring positions.

If you are a licensed mechanic and able to convert your qualifications (I don't know how that works, I'm only a pilot), you will have job offers to choose from. LAMEs are in high demand down here, especially if you are willing to work in remote areas.

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