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DIY Flight SIM Controls

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A post in one of the other subforums colored me curious and I started looking into at home flight sims. A whopping 30 second google search turned up the following video, which led me to the website.


It's a DIY setup for flight sims. Rather than buying the somewhat expensive setups that are made just for helicopters, they turn your joystick and airplane throttle control into a cyclic and collective.


Personally, I think it's genius. The poster of the other thread mentioned using a flight sim to keep somewhat proficient on IFR piloting (scan and procedures) as well as using it to try things you normally wouldn't, like a VOR approach to minimums, at night, while it's snowing, to a perpendicular runway.


It may not count towards the currency requirements, but it would help for sure.


Anyways, I just wanted to post a fairly cheap alternative to the at home flight sims out there.


$26 for the instructions, dimensions and videos to help you along. Plus the cost of materials (PVC piping, velcro, glue)


Link to the website: http://www.rogerdodger.net/diyflightsims/ez_helicopter.html




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+1 on vatsim. that plus fsinn on microsoft flight simulator x is as close as your likely to get without flying in a real ifr environment. with vatsim you talk to real people that operate similar to real controllers, on real ifr flight plans. i dont know why every flight school doesnt use it or suggest it.

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