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Switching from IHL to Vocational after PPL (GI Bill)

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Hey everyone,


I have a question about the GI Bill that amazingly somehow has never been asked here before! (That I could find...)


I'm going to receive my PPL in May from a flight school covered 100% by the ch 33 GI Bill through a degree program. My question is, once I receive my PPL, if I were to switch to a school that was considered vocational flight training (with the VA only paying $10k per year) would I need to pay the VA back any money for leaving the degree program after getting my PPL?


Of course I would love to stay at the school that will continue to be covered 100%, but I may be forced to relocate due to personal reasons this summer...


I'd ask Veterans Affairs about this, but as those of you that have dealt with them already know, it's much easier and you get far more accurate information from anybody BUT the VA haha


Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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