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First, I am not affiliated with the designer of this app, just wanted to tell you what a good experience I had with it.


I was in a meeting with my local chapter of the EAA, when a friend told me about this app. Basically, it records via internal GPS everything you do in flight (when you tell it), and then you can play it back on a computer to see what was accomplished in your flight.


I downloaded the app (iphone) and used it on a fixed wing flight I was taking with a friend. You basically turn the app on, and then set your phone down in a place where it will get continuous signal. I placed mine on the top of the panel, in an area where it wouldn't get tossed around. The app simply records the flight, everything else is done on the comp.


After the flight (called debrief on the app), the comp shows you your path of travel, from speed to altitude, etc. It breaks it up into segments, based on AS or ALT, etc. The neat thing is, it used google earth to allow you to sit in the 'cockpit' and see everything you just did. My flight debrief was surprisingly accurate.


So many possibilities here...

I have yet to try it in the heli. Just wanted to get it out there to see what kind of responses it gets. And, best of all, it is completely FREE!


Anyway, I was impressed and it cost me nothing. I was able to see exactly where I was, and was told that I could share with a friend so they could see it real-time. Saw the discussion this AM on spot GPS, thought this might be applicable. And again, free. I can share screenshots if needed.

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