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Flying in Chile


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Hello Everyone,


I am new to this forum but I wanted to see if anyone would be willing to share any information they know on this topic.


First, a little about me. About 2 1/2 years ago I began flying on the weekends just for fun; working on my private. About 10 or 15 hours into my training I decided that this is what I needed to do for a living. After 12 long and successful years in ad sales I had enough. I spent the next few months figuring out a way to afford the training, living expenses, etc. and in the latter half of 2011 I quit my job, sold my house and began to realize my child hood dream.


Last week I passed my CFI check ride and have begun my CFII training. Everything has gone according to plan (I'm a meticulous planner with everything). I didn't plan on one small little thing however. Her. She walked into my life unexpectedly and now we can't imagine being without eachother. She's the one and I feel it in my gut. Just like I felt it in my gut when I was making the decision to become a helicopter pilot.


That's all well and good but she has been here in Washington, D.C. the past few years on a work visa. She's from Santiago de Chile and she must return home for 2 years because of the scholarship program/work visa she's on. Well I'm going with her.


The reason that I'm writing is to see if anyone knows anything regarding aviation ratings in Chile, maybe any contacts/carriers, or any advice (besides DON'T DO IT!!) that you think would be helpful. I'm fully aware of the risks associated with leaving such as being a low time pilot who isn't super marketable but I'm smart and tenacious and have the desire to succeed. That has to count for something, right? I'm early on the research process and have contacted the DGAC (Direccion General de Aeronautica Civil) for more information.


Any info would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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