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Air Crane, a good place to work?

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Hello everyone. I'm a fresh A&P who is looking to gain experience in the helicopter side of the industry. I was wondering if anyone on here has any input on Erickson Aircrane. A decent place to get started? I saw some flyers at my school, and seeing as how this forum is just a wealth of information, I figured theres got to be somebody on here with a little insight.

Thanks in advance!

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I just got back from Medford after interviewing with Erickson and can tell you that they are definitely not hiring brand new A&Ps . They have an extremely impressive operation up there , they have absolutely EVERYTHING one might need to maintain a S64 . Everyone working there was very friendly , intelligent , polite , well behaved and seemed happy and content to be working there . Their interview was a little strange in that out of about 12 questions only 2 had to do with fixing helicopters the rest were about dealing with your co-workers { conflict resolution issues } or "tell us how you have learned from your mistakes in the past " type of questions . They recently acquired Evergreens helicopter division and have big plans to merge with them .

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